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Hi, we are Vibesta, the new brand of photography and video LED lighting and accessories offering a complete range of LED lights, from on-camera lights, 1x1 panels and multiple light kits as well as video monitors. We make quality LED light accessible to all photographers and video makers, from enthusiasts to professionals. With features like daylight color rendering, high LED count and light output, our products pack high quality standards at very competetive prices, providing excellent value. At Vibesta we want to help you create better images and movies. Go to your local dealer and see the difference.


Vibesta LED lights are great for photography as well as video. The continuous lighting creates a natural and comfortable environment more similar to daylight. Along with the softer nature of the light this makes it especially great for the photography of people and portraits, but it can be used in many other occasions as well. From wedding scenes to baby’s first steps and whatever you can imagine. With Vibesta LED lights you capture what you see quickly and easily. They offer all the benefits of traditional flash lights, but are much simpler and faster to work with. Setting up the light and changing the intensity only takes a moment and doesn’t require any measuring or testing. The continuous lighting makes it possible to really see the outcome of the photo before it is taken. Vibesta LED lights are very energy efficient and produce very little heat. They are safe, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

Based in The Netherlands and with a manufacturing facility in China, Vibesta makes quality LED light accessible to all photographers and video makers, from entry-level enthusiasts to professionals. Packed with quality features. Vibesta provides excellent value both for consumers as dealers by offering solid quality at very competitive prices.


Along with offering great products at very competitive prices, Vibesta also offers a premium sales package that includes many interesting benefits.

> Steady sales price policy.

> Stock price protection policy guarantee.

> No investment pressure plan.
Our steady supply of local stock is ready for fast delivery. This allows dealers to order according to direct customer demand.

> Quick product development.
With our local R&D and design team we react quickly to new market trends and offer new products. Together with our no investment pressure plan this means that there is little risk of leftover stock.

> Local sales and service team with marketing support and a good showroom sample policy.

> Favorable credit and financing options and payment term policy.



Vibesta wants to work closely with local dealers to offer the best possible service. From selecting a product to handling warranty claims, Vibesta will assist the dealers to keep the customer satisfied and confident. Whatever the problem Vibesta will supply a solution as quickly as possible. Vibesta offers a standard 10 year warranty and guaranteed 30.000 hours service life for LED (see warranty forms). Vibesta makes it their business to take care of the products, so the users can keep focusing on being creative.

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